Mental health and employment-related issues to feature in the European Semester process: recommendations from European Mental Health Alliance

In July 2018, the EU Mental Health Alliance presented suggestions for reflection by the Commission on including the mental health dimension of employment, equal opportunities in the work place, and work life balance throughout the European Semester process.

The alliance recommendations are:

  • Systematically include the mental health dimension in national, regional and local strategies on active support to employment, including employability and job retention;
  • Recognise the positive impact of adequate work-life balance arrangements on mental health outcomes, society, and the economy at large in the Country Reports and Country-Specific Recommendations;
  • Systematically include the mental health dimension in national, regional, and local strategies on secure and adaptable employment, including those linked to mental health burden of informal care, precarious and non-standard labour contracts;
  • Integrate mental health in healthy, safe and well-adapted work environment, across life course (youth, working-age, older workers) and transition periods.

View the full document (.pdf)



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