Meet the Alliance members



AEIP (the European Association of Paritarian Institution)

AEIP represents the social protection institutions jointly managed by social partners (paritarian institutions) and aims to promote the paritarian management of social protection at the EU-level. AEIP joined the Alliance in order to promote the paritarian approach in the management of mental health risks in workplaces and to develop a framework for cooperation between major stakeholders


AIM (International Association of Mutual Benefit Societies)

AIM is the umbrella organisation of health mutuals and health insurance funds in Europe and in the world. Through its 64 members from 31 countries, AIM provides health coverage to 160 million in Europe through compulsory and/or complementary health insurance and managing health and social facilities. AIM has joined the Alliance to promote and improve mental health in Europe and to call on Member States and decision-makers to develop a common framework for action
EPHA (European Public Health Alliance)
EPHA is Europe’s leading NGO advocating for better health for all and reducing health inequalities. It is a member-led organisation,made up of pan- European, national and local public health NGOs, patient groups, health professionals and disease groups working together to improve health and strengthen the voice of public health in Europe. Dissatisfied by the lack of urgency and coherent concerted commitment in the EU as a whole, EPHA decided to join the Alliance to give mental health due and timely priority at all levels of policy and decision-making in Europe.
GGZ Nederland (Dutch Association of Mental Health and Addiction Care)
GGZ Nederland is the sector organisation for specialist mental health and addiction care in the Netherlands and initiator of the Alliance. GGZ Nederland initiated the Alliance with the aim to make mental health a priority on the European agenda, to prevent a further deterioration of mental health (care) and to strengthen mental health (care) throughcoordinated European efforts.
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MHE (Mental Health Europe)
MHE represents associations, organisations and individuals active in the field of mental health and well-being in Europe, including (ex)users of mental health services, volunteers, professionals and service providers. As such, MHE bridges the gap between its members and European institutions, and keeps itsmembers informed and involved in any developments at European Union level. MHE joined the Alliance to more systematically support the integration of mental health considerations in EU policy making.
EuroHealthNet is a partnership of organisations, agencies and statutory bodies working for a healthier and more equitable Europe. It supports members’ work through policy, communications, networking and project development, including work on the EU Mental Health Compass and the EU Social Pillar. EuroHealthNet believes mental health is both a result and a determinant of health equity, and joined the Alliance to promote positive policy change around mental health in employment and work.