Here you will find all the publications relevant to the EUMH Alliance. Listed publications include position papers, press releases, articles in the media – either published jointly or by one of the Alliance members.


Joint response to the public consultation on EU Stratetic Framework on Health and Safety at Work [February 2021]

Contribution towards the Roadmap for the EU Strategic Framework on Health and Safety at Work (2021-2027) [November 2020]

The Future of Work and Mental Health: report of the EUMHAlliance capacity-building seminar on 9 October 2019

EUMH Alliance response to the adoption of the adoption of Council Conclusions on Young People and the Future of Work [May 2019]

World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2019: No Future of Work without Mental Health

Podcast: The effects of working in the gig economy on young people’s mental health

Mental health and employment-related issues to feature in the European Semester process – Recommendations for reflection

EUMH Alliance in All Policies – An analysis of the country reports of the EU semester from Austria, Denmark, Estonia, Hungary, Ireland, Sweden and the UK [May 2016]

EUMH Alliance Joint Press Release: World Health Day Depression: the biggest barrier to workplace well-being

Aim-Aeip joint position paper Mental health promotion and well-being [May 2015]

EUMH Alliance concept note: Mental health: boost for economic recovery in Europe

Towards a European Implementation Program for Mental Health

MHE’s article on Mental Health in the workplace

Press release: Launch of the Alliance for Mental Health in All Policies [September 2015]


Seven actions towards a mentally healthy organisation: A seven-step guide to workplace mental health by the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on Mental Health 2014-2016