Launch of the EUMH Alliance – September 2015

The European Alliance for Mental Health – Employment & Work (EUMH Alliance) is an informal coalition of European organisations, the main aims of which are to promote mental health and well-being in the workplace, to advocate for equal access to the labour market for all people experiencing mental ill health and to stimulate policy developments at EU level in these domains.

The EUMH Alliance was originally initiated  to mainstream mental health in all policies, including health, social, education and employment policies.

The strength of the alliance is to gather members with different areas of focus, expertise and policy agendas. Following  its official launch in September 2015, the EUMH Alliance has decided to focus his work programme  on “Employment & Work”making the promotion of mental health and well-being at work its first priority for the years to come.

This wide expertise enables the EUMH Alliance to present a strong economic and social case for the promotion of mental health in the workplace and the need for people with mental ill health to be included in the labour market.

The work of the EUMH Alliance includes:

  • Joint publications and research on mental health in the workplace
  • Joint analyses of European Commission reports and recommendations
  • Coordination of projects and call for proposals at European level
  • Joint organisation of conferences on the theme of employment and mental health in the workplace
  • Collaboration in looking for new parternships and membership opportunities
  • Sharing of knowledge, expertise and resources on mental health in the workplace